Monarch Parksuites Construction Update For March 2016

Monarch Parksuites Construction Update For March 2016

             As of March 31, 2016 the Monarch Parksuites is 69.76% completed. A number of significant milestones have been attained during this period. We can now see from the façade that the exterior structural work has been accomplished. Moving forward to the amenities area, the masonry and structural work of the indoor and outdoor amenities are 100% completed.

            The exterior tiling works on all four towers have been completed and the residential living room tiling works on the four towers are partially accomplished, while the installation of windows in Balmoral and Windsor Place are nearly completed. The installations of windows in Windsor Suites are at 47.52% and Balmoral Suites at 33.75%.

As scheduled, first coat painting on all four towers are partially completed and will begin the second coat soon. 

View from Doikno Blvd. cor. Bradco Ave.

View from the Kings School